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Experience matters !  

Master Certified Picture Framer.

  Owner/artist/framer, Thomas M. Houston is one of fewer than 100 Master Certified Picture Framers(MCPFs) in the world and the only one in the state of Oregon.    


With over 30 years professional experience, Houston’s Custom Framing is your complete resource for all custom picture framing, art conservation and photo restoration needs for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Wherever you live we would love to work with you!   Give us a call toll free!                                                                                                                           

We are  a nationally recognized leader in design and craftsmanship, with articles featured in Picture Framing Magazine as well as other awards and distinctions within the art and framing industry.




We regard picture framing as not just a craft, but an art. We believe that good framing design makes all the difference not only in terms of the presentation and perception of your artwork but also for it’s overall well being over time. Our goal is to enhance the essential beauty of whatever is being framed and to uphold conservation standards to ensure the longevity of the piece.  We enjoy being creative with what we do in order to arrive at a design that will showcase the artwork without detracting. To read more about our philosophy on framing click here

Custom record album framing. Pictured: “Initiation” by Todd Rundgren.

From Simple to the Sublime

From the smallest, simplest child’s drawing to works by the Masters, family photographs, heirloom treasures, needlework, Aunt Martha’s spoon collection or any other kind of special project, we give every piece our fullest attention.

Bracelet shadowbox, designed remotely for a client in Reno, NV.




With 1000s of moldings to choose from, our selections range from natural woods to 23k gold, welded steel to hand-tooled leather, ultra-contemporary to period reproductions, and everything in between.  In addition to the standards, we carry many lines that you will not find most other places – hand carved and hand finished by artisans here in the U.S., with unique designs that will give you a totally personal look for your art and your walls.  Our vast molding selection is the palette we use when designing framing. If there is something you can think of that you don’t see in our shop, we can either get it, or create it. We also deign and finish some of our own frames in house. We can customize a finish on an existing molding and/or create moldings of our design for a specific piece. We are not limited to what is on our walls!

Here is a cross section of some of our mouldings….click here!


Early photo of the moon. Custom picture framing.
Early photograph of the moon. Framed with handcrafted white gold frame.

We are honored to have numerous clients from all around the country. If you’re coming to Ashland for a visit, please don’t hesitate to bring your framing projects with you – or ship them ahead and design them while you’re here. And if you are not planning a trip to Ashland, we can work on designs via email. We have a special visualization software that enables us to come up with several design options and create a virtual finished piece for you to view on your computer at home. This software allows us to explore the design process in depth and help you to see just how a piece will look when it’s finished. We can have conversations about your needs, wants and desires for your artwork and create the perfect solution, no matter where in world you live!

Artwork mailed to us for remote design.
Completed framed print, designed remotely for customer in Mill Valley, Ca.


See my article from Picture Framing Magazine about working with out of town customers here.

Houston’s  Custom Framing and Fine Art

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Photo Restoration

We love photos and we love fixing them! We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art photo restoration to repair and preserve those precious photos for you and your family to enjoy and treasure for years to come. Working with digital photo restoration techniques, we can take an old damaged photo and give it new life! We can also make other alterations, such as removing unwanted people or objects, changing the background to a portrait studio look, or recreating a favorite photo as a watercolor, oil painting or pop-art treatment!

Below are some examples of restoration work:

My 3rd grade photo…
My 3rd grade photo after color improvement.
Before restoration
Before restoration
Photo restoration
After restoration


Grandma and baby before restoration           

Grandma and baby after Restoration[/caption] 

Old original photo of baby.
Restoration and framing of oval photo.

Old photo of young lady before restoration


  Old photo of young lady after restoration

Photo restoration Old photo before restoration

Photo after restoration

Four ladies in torn photo

Four ladies restoration of torn photo

Girl with “photo bomber”.

Girl after removing “photo bomber”.

Girl before fixing hair

Girl after fixing hair

Girl in devil costume before restoration.
Girl in costume after restoration

Military photo before resto Military photo before restoration

Military photo after restoration

1. Provide us with the photo to be restored – this can be done in person, through the mail or via email for digital files. If you are providing a digital file for us to work with, either by email, on a cd or flash drive, the image must be at least 1MB for best results. The smaller the file the poorer the reproduction quality will be. Give us a call if you are not sure.

2. Tell us the specifics of what you would like done, if it is not obvious. For example an old photo of your grandparents with a large rip is an obvious fix. However, if that same photo has an a person or object that you’d like to have removed, let us know – we can do that! Another example would be if there was extreme fading and you wanted the color restored. If you knew your mother’s dress was blue, but it’s faded to grey, let us know you want it blue.

3. We print your restored image in house, on the type of paper that will be the most authentic for your image. In other words, we print vintage images on a matte paper that is very similar to the original. More contemporary images, say from the 60s and 70s, will be printed on a luster (semi gloss) or glossy paper. The type of paper that your image is printed on is key in the success of the restoration. We can also print onto canvas. A good choice if you’re having a photo re-done in a stylized treatment, such as oil painting. This photo of Mingus has the subtle brush stroke effect applied to it.

Mingus with brush stroke treatment 

If you have any questions what so ever please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

4. Enjoy your restored photograph! That’s it!

For a free cost estimate and turnaround times, click here.

Houston’s Custom Framing and Fine Art

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Fun Pet Portraits

Because we love them! Our pets do more than keep us company. They are a listening ear when we need to talk, a motivator for us to take a walk, a cuddling companion when we’re tired or sad and a buddy to make us laugh at just the right time – all this and more. Celebrate your special friend with a unique fun pet portrait! We offer styles that range from the whimsy of pop-art to the look of an oil painting, pastel, watercolor or “portrait studio”. We can even add fun thought bubbles!

Mingus with Pop art treatment

Mingus, snap shot before Pop Art treatment


Dog before
Dog cartoon after

Mattie before any restoration.
Mattie, after restoration
Mattie after restoration.

Brown dog before


Brown dog after







Flower girl with Pop art treatment

                                                                                                                                                                                           Your finished piece can be printed on art paper or canvas. We provide some standard framing options for simplicity and convenience. However, if you want something more custom we’re delighted to provide that something special to set it off to its maximum effect.
It’s simple to get started. All we need is a photo of your precious and some information about how you want it to look. The examples provided will give you some great ideas.

We have package pricing for the framed Pop Art portraits based on the size. Framed pieces come with an archival quality white matte with approximately 4″ of matting around the image, and a flat black frame for a contemporary look.

Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art

Prices are:

12 x 12″ (6″ cells) $350.00 Finished Frame size 22″x22″

18 x 18″ (9″ cells) $400.00 Finished Frame size 28″ x 28″

24 x 24″ (12″ cells) $600.00 Finished Frame size 34″ x 34″

We can ship anywhere! (shipping charges would be additional)

Please call us if you have any questions.

Houston’s  Custom Framing and Fine Art

280 East Hersey St., Suite #11, Ashland, OR

541.482.1983        toll free 877.566.5542



Art Restoration / Appraisals

We work with  expert conservators for art restoration, frame and object restoration. We also work with certified art appraisers to help you value your art for insurance or sale. Please let us know if we can assist you with any or all of these needs. Thank you!

Here are a few “before”,  “after” and “in progress” examples:

Portrait of young man, in progress detail
Portrait of young man in progress, detail
Portrait of young man, detail in progress.
Detail of restoration in progress.
Still life before any work done.
Detail of damaged area on painting.(to be repaired)
Varnishing in progress.
Painting after cleaning, repair and new framing.
Period painting – before restoration
Period painting, after restoration
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
Landscape painting before any restoration
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
and newly cleaned and re framed.
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
Painting of Venice before and restoration
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
and after cleaning and re framing.
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
Portrait of young man before any restoration.
Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art
and after cleaning and restoration.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Houston’s  Custom Framing and Fine Art

280 East Hersey St., Suite #11, Ashland, OR

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