Erin Lee-Gafill

We are pleased to now represent the work of Big Sur (Nepenthe) artist, Erin Lee-Gafill.

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“I began painting in the footsteps of the great early California impressionists, tonalists, and post-impressionists, meandering into Modernism and in falling in love with color and shape, painting for painting’s sake.

My landscape work is informed by the atmospheric light and dramatic natural forms of the West Coast, the sense of place and that which resides beyond place. Early influences include many of the 20th century Monterey Bay painters, early California Impressionists (William Merritt Chase) and Tonalists such as GottardoPiazzoni and his grandson Russell Chatham . In my still life work I find a joyful contemplation, gathering familiar and familial objects (my grandmother’s teapot, lemons from the garden) and regarding them in paint, a kind of moving meditation.

My painting process begins with drawing what I see every day – the trees, the hills, the shape of sky and sea, obsessively re-examining the familiar. Finally, bold brush-strokes and a full spectrum palette support an expression with which to convey the sense of awe I feel confronted by the spectacular and powerful natural beauty of this region. Memory and dream inform color and mood.

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