Richard Spare

Richard studied painting at Maidstone College of Art (1971-74). He has continued to produce his own work ever since and has become intensely involved in etching. An experienced printer, Richard has editioned work for many contemporary artists, including David Hockney, Robert Ryman, Francesco Clemente, Donald Sultan and Keith Haring. In 1977 he worked with David Hockney as his assistant, building an etching studio for him in the basement of Hockney’s then home in Powis Terrace, Notting Hill. It was an interesting time as Richard was able to watch Hockney at work on his sets for the Glyndebourne ‘Magic Flute’. In the early eighties, Richard was involved in printing the ‘Banks Florilegium’. The plates for the 743 engravings of plants, from watercolours by Sydney Parkinson, during Cook’s voyage to Australia, were stored in the British Museum for 200 years wrapped in a paper containing acid which was destroying them. Meticulous restoration ended with a plant expert checking them for botanical correctness before they could be published.

In 1988 Richard spent several months in New York working with Jasper Johns, proofing and editioning complex carborundum prints.

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