Thomas M. Houston

Houstons Custom Framing and Fine Art

Owner of Houston’s Custom Framing & Fine Art.

Growing up in the northern Sacramento Valley, Thomas M. Houston developed a love of the landscape and open spaces. He studied under Joe Draegert (a protégé of Wayne Thiebaud) at Shasta College and later graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the country.

About his work, he has this to say, “My work strives to communicate an energy…a relationship between the seen and the unseen, rather …the psychic landscape externalized. Working in the tradition of plein aire painting provides an environment for intense focus and urgency to capture some essential quality about a particular place…..this place, through continued work becomes much less specific and ideally more universal. Although the pieces I am showing here are in the format of the landscape, I believe that the forms and relationships of color are more important in communicating a mood or a tension between spaces. The process of making a painting or any work of art is, for me, to engage in a mysterious and unfolding process. The traditions of art making are a continuum…past present and future. Art is where it takes you.”


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